EMU Bird Takes Flight!

Maybe I have too much time on my hands … I graduated from Eastern Michigan University (EMU). I’ve pet emus in Saline and Manchester – who knew some live right here in Washtenaw county. Not only does Michigan have these huge birds, but they live near the Eastern Michigan University campus!

Eeks emu!

Anyway, hope you like my comic strip, and emu crapola (shirts and buttons). And you can read all about Eastern’s logo kerfuffle (if you dare open that can of worms).

Why I create these comics.
Attending a University should be fun, but it’s often tough. Tuition increases, class schedule conflicts and generally LIFE often gets in the way. To graduate, you need to solve fiances, time management, and often relationship “issues.” So, I hope my little comic brings you a little joy, laughter and happiness. When you need a break from studying, put down your text book, open your phone and read the latest. This page will always list the latest comic and links to older ones.  Enjoy – then – get back to studying!

Thanks, Eric

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