Halloween EMU Fun Shirts

MoonHuronFullMoonHuronGlowMoonHuronFullEMU_halloween.jpg   Limited print this week – in time for Halloween!

for the spooky season … the brave Huron silhouette against the full, orange moon. Or the Great Pumpkin, depending on your holiday orientation.

The shirt is printed on super soft cotton with a soft dye that keeps everything super soft.

With a dyed shirt, no two are exactly the same. So it’s always a one of a kind print.

Available in sizes up to 5XL, short sleeve T or long sleeve, hoodie!

All orders ship before Halloween (not guaranteed to arrive for Devil’s night fun).


If you want to be seen, these Glow In The Dark Huron shirts will glow for one hour for each hour in the sun (or under florescent lamps).

Wear it all day, glow all night!

The Glow In The Dark Huron shirt will soften over time as the think ink is washed.


Do you like to dress up … now you can with the EMU Dracula shirt.

In EMU Green – of course. Also available up to 6XL.

All these shirts will only print this week, so get them now.

Thanks emu@thingsemu.com