Stealth Shirts

If you’re a Huron from the 80’s or on campus now, it’s the year of the EMU!

These shirts are safe to wear on Eastern’s campus. But enter any bar, club or office with florescent lights and … presto-changeo … the secret logo is reveled. Now you can wear the logo you love and still go to class.

Huron Stealth

The banned Huron logo from Eastern's past

Yes, you can get the logo once again!






Emu Stealth

The orignal EMU logo that started it all

Acedemic Emu Logo






The OLD EMU logo … BANNED by Eastern Michigan University. The Huron EMU shirt must be printed at a secret location and smuggled to you in a plain, unmarked, brown paper mailer.

This cotton shirt is printed in the old silk screen style using soft inks that give that vintage feel.

You may not be the same size as you were in college, so the shirt is printed in sizes up to 6xl. Not that I am implying anything, just saying.

If your parents were Hurons. Surprise them with this forbidden shirt. An exclusive from

Just don’t tell your parents that proceeds support changing EMU’s mascot to the Emu-bird.

Back from the 1980’s … was $55, now 49.00 Includes Free Shipping.