Make the EMU-Bird the offical Mascot of EMU …

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Eastern Michigan University’s logo disaster … and how to fix it.

Once upon a time Eastern Michigan University was the Hurons. And if you’re old enough, that’s what you were – a Proud Huron.

(If you’re a Huron, you can still buy the shirt here … )

Then people felt the Huron logo was just wrong.

Having a native American logo was out of fashion, not PC and distasteful … so a new logo was needed.


Then came the cursed Eagle debacle.

The bird-brained administration at Eastern ignored what the students wanted, overlooked what was so obvious, and what every student at EMU knew.

The acronym of Eastern Michigan University is the name of a flightless bird … So, instead of asking the students what they wanted, the bird-brained administration – lacking imagination – picked the same logo as 20 other universities.

No creativity, no originality and certainly no respect for the obvious. And so began the long saga of the sad, hexed, unloved Eagle.

Yet today every student learns, as have all that came before, that the emu (bird) is a flightless wonder that no other school can lay claim to …

well except for Eastern Mennonite University (

When you started at EMU, you knew what an ostrich was – but had you heard of an emu? The emu-bird is the obvious school mascot. The regal, proud and unique choice for this great school.

So it is time for students to rise up and forget the old with a new, fresh, bold mascot – the emu-bird!

The administration will hate it, your parents will hate it and old alum will hate it, but who cares. This is our school, our time and our emu. Join me in the rebellion, the protest the uprising … make the emu-bird your university logo.

Here are a few of my designs … Which emu design do you like best?