Support the cause … wear the EMU!

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If you’re a Huron from the 80’s or on campus now, it’s the year of the EMU!

The OLD EMU logo … BANNED by Eastern Michigan University. The Huron EMU shirt must be printed at a secret location and smuggled to you in a plain, unmarked, brown paper mailer.

This cotton shirt is printed in the old silk screen style using soft inks that give that vintage feel.

You may not be the same size as you were in college, so the shirt is printed in sizes up to 6xl. Not that I am implying anything, just saying.

If your parents were Hurons. Surprise them with this forbidden shirt. An exclusive from

Just don’t tell your parents that proceeds support changing EMU’s mascot to the Emu-bird. Back from the 1980’s … was $65, now 49.00 Includes Free Shipping. Get it here!


You’ll attract attention in the flaming Fighting EMU shirt.

The Emu-bird, while flightless is huge, standing five to six feet tall and runs lightning fast. This design highlights the bird’s fast speed and excitement.

Flame inspired design printed on soft cotton. Two styles are available to fit your personality. Choose the all-over design with sleeve, front and left-chest print or Choose the classic large front print.

Either way, sure to be a head-turner. All over print was $65, now 39.00 for the hoodie & 24.99 for the T-shirt version. Both include Free Shipping. Get it here!


The Academic EMU shirt celebrates your hard work, long hours and caffeinated study nights.

As you enter the ranks of the few who graduate with a degree, you can take pride in the mortar board.

But you’d look really dorky wearing a mortar board in public. The Academic shirt lets people know you did it, or are well on your way, without looking foolish. Made of soft cotton, in case you fall asleep while studying or listening to a prof drone on.

Show ’em you did it!  *proof of graduation not required.  Includes Free shipping ’cause you have all those student loans to pay off. Get it here!


The Abstract EMU shirt is artistic enough for casual dress day at the office and still fun enough when roughhousing with your girlfriend (or boyfriend).

Others will see your fine artistic taste with this abstract artistic rendering.

Actual print is on the front, but I liked this graphic so much I put the emu on the back. Free shipping if you flip your best friend …

I’ll trust you to tell the truth. Get It here.




Sometimes he just throws on whatever is clean, but tonight he wants a look with sophistication.

Distressed white text on a cool black shirt sets off the Fighting Emu design. Cool yet casual, the Sports Edge design is an off-set print that will cause people to look.

Some will cant their heads to try to read it, others will just be fascinated.

Free shipping so you have some spending cash. Order Here.



The Fighting EMU Edge design is backed by soft draping vines.

The vines and leaves continue over the left chest to take a classic look and give it some edge.

Printed with soft white ink on a dark black tee.

Free shipping 29.99




Get excited!

The Down Under shirt is inspired from the land that the Emu comes from.

The Fighting Emu is hidden in swirling waves of energy. The top of the print has your graduating year in relief. Choose 2017, 2018, or your gradation year.

Wow! Buy Now! And of course … Free shipping.




The Crest design jumps off the shirt to let everyone know where you go to school.

Me too. Yes, I’ve spend so much time at EMU it’s like a second home. This design has your graduating year in the lower ribbon.

Choose 2017, 2018 or later. Hope your not on the ten-year plan like me.

Let Me Print One For You!  Oh … if I didn’t mention it FREE shipping.