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I was a Huron….never considered myself and Eagle. I could like most alums support the Emu for EMU. That might unite all of us EMU grads once and for all.
Posted by Ann Ulrich

Michael Ferens • If the Huron had to be dropped (which it did not) the obvious choice should have been the Emu. EMU is a unique and fantastic experience. THe Huron is a unique mascot. We were the only Hurons in the country. There are hundreds of colleges and 1000s of high schools that are Eagles. Therefore, I never found the Eagle acceptable. It was a fast fix to a problem that did not exist. I 100% support the Emu mascot. We would be the ONLY Emus in the country – and once again, we would be UNIQUE. GO Emus!!!

Kyle Sutherland • Eagles is about as generic as Cougars, Panthers, Wildcats, etc. I’m proud to be an Eagle, but I’d buy into the EMU EMUs.

Michael Ferens • THe name Swoop is the name of every other high school Eagle mascot in the country.So, is Easter Michigan University a copycat of high schools? or a leader of colleges. The mascot should reflect the campus experience – WHICH IS UNIQUE. THe Huron was unique, and I would imagine if we became the Emus, we would be the only Emus in the country. GO EMUS!!!!

Lisa Hennemann • I was also at Eastern when we went from Hurons to Eagles and thought the Emu would have been the natural (and better) choice. I say change to Emu. As Michael said… GO Emus!!

The Emu NOR the Ostrich sticks it head in sand. THis is a fairy tale- a myth. THe Emu is unique, fun, and the National Bird of Australia. Nothing bad about that! SILLY is copying every other high school in the country who also uses the Eagle mascot with the name “Swoop.” How embarrassing. Posted by Michael Ferens

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