Support the PROTEST! Make the EMU-bird the official mascot of EMU!

EMU bird protest logo

Now EMU students can wear the RIGHT logo.

I am no artist, but I tried to make an emu-bird logo. I wanted it more for myself, but figured that EMU fans, students and alumni might like it too. I wanted to protest EMU’s stupid E-Gal logo, to poke fun at the bird-brained administration’s lack of the OBVIOUS. OF-COURSE Eastern should be the EMU-birds. But when the eicked eitch of Eastern found out, they called their lawyers. So I hired better lawyers ( Now a full revolt is on! Eastern administration refuses to admit that STUDENTS make a university – NOT ADMINISTRATORS.

So … protest! Wear the T-Shirt or Button … GO Emus.

Maybe we should call it the Logo Wars! First there we were the Hurons, then the E-Gals? Really?

EMU e-Gals can kiss my ass

No one likes the E-Gals logo, let it die!

I say … fcuk the E-Gals.

EMU birds are cooler

There are three EMUs in Michigan (at a local pet hospital and boarding facility), just a short drive from campus. And they’re huge! EMU have even been known to attack humans! So why not the EMU bird. Why be a whimpy E-Gal when we could be a huge, kick-ass, runs really fast, bird.

Support the effort to knock some sense into the stuffy, prune-faced administration at Eastern. The administration has penis envy. That is, U of M envy. EMU will never be as big as the U, so why not have some team spirit, have some fun. EMU has lots on the U, but let’s not try to be a stuffy as a big ten school.

Eastern is growing. With the new student center and re-vamped science building, Eastern is plenty big. The only people who are embarrassed that Eastern is a smaller school are the people who work there. Get a life! The students are paying your WAY TO HIGH salaries. So take your effen ass E-Gal and rotate on it. … The students have spoken!

Get some EMU bird buttons & a T-Shirt (printed right here in Michigan, not a CafePress out-of-state job). And let’s be silly!

In Your Face EMU bird T-Shirt and FOUR FREE buttons (one for you and s’more for yer ruckus friends) $25 (Free shipping)

EMU bird protest logo

Fist full of Protest bundle, EMU bird stuff $25 w/Free shipping.

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